Thursday, September 2, 2010

End of Summer Bounty II

Fall semester has begun and therefore I have little time to blog, but here are a few photos from the garden and kitchen this week. Contact me if you would like the recipes. Cheers!

You can roast peppers on your stovetop if you have a gas grill. After fully charring (turn every few minutes), put them in a sealed container for several minutes. Peel the charred skin and enjoy. I added them sliced to orzo with pesto. Basil & peppers are from our organic garden.

It's coho salmon time! Yum. I salted and peppered the fillets, then pan seared in a little heated olive oil, skin side down first, then slathered with pesto and covered to cook the top half.

After serving the dish as above, I decided I'd like it better if I peeled the skin and flaked the salmon into the orzo:

Earlier this week I made chicken piccata. I used the recipe on Epicurious.

Finally, here are how our banana trees are doing this year. We transplanted two of the "pups" on either side of the two "parents," and the youngins are doing quite well, with pups of their own. The parent plants have hit fifteen feet with leaves between four and five feet long. Still love the way they sway in the breeze.