Saturday, August 22, 2009

Late Summer

It's late summer now and back-to-school time already for us students. I had orientation last week as an official member of this year's incoming class of Public History graduate students. I've interrupted my class reading to put up this post since it's been awhile since my last one. I would love to think that I will be able to post at least once a week during the semester, but that remains to be seen. Lots of reading in these graduate courses, even when taking one at a time as I am. I was a little hard on myself by being self-critical for feeling the pressure of getting all the reading and assignments done until I realized that the full-time students taking three classes per term and working an assistantship aren't doing so for forty hours a week as I am at my job.

Cooking, gardening and travel have all been limited in the past two weeks, and rather than write about previous adventures, I spent my time enjoying the last bits of freedom before the grind. I did manage to make a delicious snapper the other night with marsala, white wine and onions, as well as a cream of broccoli-mushroom-cheese soup, but other than that, there's not been much to write about on topic.

Here are a few photos of some things I made earlier in the week:

I photographed this Question Mark Butterfly downtown last week:

This walking stick insect was on our front door:

Back to reading for me.


  1. Ooh, good luck, Angi. Make time for eating, most importantly.

  2. Lydia: Thanks for the pronoun correction. No worries on making time to eat. It's the making time to cook everything from scratch that may go a little by the wayside. Cheers!

  3. I thought your blog was going to start with "I sent all the animals back to Jesus".


  4. Oh, Captain...always looking on the bright side. I thought of changing the title to Dog Days of Summer. Would that have helped? Bad mommy for exploiting her children in such a way to grab the readers' attention.

  5. Is that a reflection of the famous "Bachi" shirt in your front door, or is that just a walking stick insect I'm seeing ;)